Best Buds Petcare is an in-home pet care company in Sacramento, CA. We offer care in Downtown, Midtown, East Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Natomas, and South Land Park.

We offer many services including overnight pet sits, daily dog walks, and house sitting services. Boarding pets can be stressful, but with in-home care your buddy will be in the comfort of their own home and will receive more attention and love.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consult, please feel free to give us a call or text us at (916) 562-0507 or email us at info@bestbudspetcare.com.


We offer many different services to give you piece of mind while you are away. We know that it’s difficult to trust a new person with your pet and want you as comfortable as possible when using our services. A primary sitter is assigned to each client, so they can build a relationship with you and your pet. Our sitters will send text updates as well as pictures to keep your mind at ease. All of our sitters are comfortable with giving medication, including insulin shots, pills, and sub-q fluids, to all types of pets.

Overnighter– A staycation for your pet. One of our sitters will stay with your furry friends for the night. The visit will start between 7 pm & 9 pm and will end the next morning between 6 am & 8 am. This includes breakfast and dinner, a walk, and lots of bedtime cuddles. House sitting services include bringing in the mail, plant watering, putting out and returning trash cans are also included. $80 (Add a midday for $20)

Daily Dog Walk -a little bathroom break and exercise for your dog while you are busy at work. $18 (Requires two visits a week for the discounted price.)

Day Visit- a walk, dinner, or potty break for when you have to work late or go out of town for the day. $25

Quick Care– This is a quick maintenance visit and is only available for cats and other small animals. This is not a social visit, more of a “quick hello”. Services provided are litter box care and monitoring food and water. Also, any exotic or other small animal needs. $20

House Sitting Services– NO ANIMAL CARE. Plant watering, bringing in the mail, take trashcans to the curb, and switch the lights around. $15 (per 20 mins) 

We ask that reservations are made at least two weeks in advance. An extra fee of $5 will be added to any appointments made within 24 hrs. Best Buds Petcare is a small company, so last minute changes are difficult for us to fill, but we understand that things change and will always do our best to accommodate our clients.

Our cancellation policy is 20% of the entire bill if the cancellation is made within 48 hrs of the first visit, but we do understand that things change and life happens. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meet and greet, please feel free to give us a call or text us at (916) 562-0507 or email at info@bestbudspetcare.com.


“Having Best Buds Petcare take care of our pets gives us piece of mind. We know that they are being well cared for and this helps us truly enjoy our time away. We know that our pets are safe at home!” -Manuela

“I never have to worry about my pets with Best Buds Petcare! I have dogs, reptiles, a rabbit and a bird and they’re great with all of them.” -Todd

“The Best Buds crew took wonderful care of my pets while we traveled out of the country. Super friendly customer service, very experienced and knowledgeable- and they took excellent care of our 2 cats, fish and guinea pigs! We really loved the cute photos updates. Our pets enjoyed all the extra love, would highly recommend their services!” -Stephanie S.

“Best Buds Petcare has always been there when I’ve needed them. They are reliable and give me the piece of mind I need while I’m away.” -Ric


Danielle started Best Buds Petcare simply from her love of being around animals. She grew up with all sorts of interesting animals including reptiles, a duck, dogs, birds, a hedgehog, etc. Now, She has 2 cats and her sweet pup Maxwell. Danielle loves taking photos and playing music. Follow our Instagram bestbudspets to see cute and cuddly animal photos taken by Danielle.

Hans is an animal magnet. They seem to think his cuddles are the best. When he isn’t cuddling animals, he is working on his music label Brat Mag + Music or playing in one of his bands.

Stephanie loves all animals. Her favorite being the llama. She has a beautiful cats and a couple of cuddly guinea pigs. When she isn’t taking care of animals, she is busy with her own business Shebear Herblove creating healing spice and Tea Blends.